Office Manager

Cheryl Muth

Cheryl Muth has been with Pulaski Animal Hospital for 40 years “and counting.”

The Muth household has been home to a wide variety of pets and at one point in time Cheryl didn't really know all that was on the busy household. 

The Muth family is currently down to 3 dogs and 2 birds. As the 4 children have left home, fortunately, their pets have gone with them.   

Over the years, the Muth family has lost many dogs, cats and exotics to old age and illness. The current dogs are all seniors but in fairly good health. 

Cheryl grew up in the Brighton Park neighborhood and has stayed in the area. “I live a short distance from the house where I grew up. I really love Chicago.”

Cheryl says she comes from “a family with a huge love and respect for animals. My two sisters also had worked at Pulaski Animal Hospital for many years. We learned about St. Francis as children and obviously took the lesson to heart.

Cheryl says she enjoys “educating people on proper health care for their pets and loves to see the pets grow up to be happy and healthy.
“Animals give unconditional love to us as humans no matter how they are treated and it is satisfying to be able to make a difference in their lives.”

In her spare time, Cheryl likes to read, bird watch, travel and volunteer for charities.

Her most memorable moments at Pulaski Animal Hospital “come in times of sorrow and grief. I talk to and cry with many families after they have the misfortune to lose a beloved family member and they are so grateful to have someone understand their pain. Many times, they think they are silly to be so sad for a pet, but I assure them that the bonds between animals and humans is so great that feeling a sense of loss is normal.”