BBQ Dangers

As summertime BBQ time heats up we just wanted to take a moment to warn dog owners against feeding their pets corn cobs.
The area in the green box is an obstructed corn cob.While corn on its own is not toxic or generally harmful, leftover corn cobs can be dangerous for dogs to eat since they do not digest and many times get stuck somewhere in the digestion tract causing partial or complete obstruction.

While at times the cob may pass uneventfully in larger dogs medium and smaller dogs are at great risk. Corn cobs do not digest at all in a dog’s stomach and if left will try to pass down the intestines causing blockage and possible perforation. Once obstructed the intestines can be damaged and surgery is the only way to correct the problem.

Corn Cobs are listed among the top 10 items swallowed by dogs so resist the temptation to give them one. Keep garbage cans covered and locked after a party to keep your pet safe. If your pet accidentally swallows one keep a close watch on them and seek medical help as soon as possible.