April is Heartworm Awareness Month

Microfilaria - young heartwormAlong with baseball, April is the traditional start of the Heartworm season. Heartworm Disease is a serious condition spread by infected mosquitoes biting your pet. Once your pet is infected the larvae mature and reside in your pet’s heart.  The American Heartworm Society and The Companion Animal Parasite Council surveys continue to show an increase in the numbers of reported cases of Canine Heartworm Disease and a spread of the geographic distribution. While the disease is more prevalent in the South it has been reported in all 50 states. Some sections of the country are considered epidemic.

The good news is that prevention of Canine Heartworm Disease has never been easier. A small amount of blood is taken from your pet and a quick and reliant test is preformed at Pulaski Animal Hospital. Not only can your dog be tested for Heartworm Disease but also for 3 Tick borne diseases including Lyme disease. If no Heartworm Disease is detected your dog can then be put on a monthly Heartworm preventative. We have several options available. You can discuss with the veterinarian which preventative is best for you and your pet. Most of the heartworm preventative medications also aid in preventing intestinal parasites. Both The American Heartworm Society and The Companion Animal Parasite Council recommend testing on a yearly basis along with year round prevention.

You can visit their websites at www.capcvet.org and www.heartwormsociety.org for additional information.

Please call Pulaski Animal Hospital today to set up a time to have your pet Heartworm tested. It is better to prevent the disease then to treat it.